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7 Free Excel Inventory Templates For Your Small Business

Posted by Matthew KostaneckiLast Updated May 29th, 2024
— 5 minutes reading

If you need free Excel inventory templates to help you get organized, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve been helping small businesses overcome inventory challenges for 17 years, so we know a thing or two about inventory templates. 

In this article, we’ve compiled seven of the best and most used Excel inventory templates for you to download (for free). All good inventory management stems from meticulous record-keeping, so download those templates now!

Product list template

Think of a product list as a master sheet of every product your business carries. A good product list should include the product name, SKU, cost, and retail selling price.

Compiling a product list is a great way to get a feel for the different products you carry, their price points, and the profit margins they offer. However, a product list can quickly become overwhelming for business owners carrying many different products.

To remedy this, you could use a different product list for different product types, but that would add more spreadsheets to update and manage. Which avenue you take is really up to you.   

Download Free Excel Inventory Template: Product List

Inventory list template

Inventory lists are more robust versions of product lists. For this reason, they usually include SKUs, product descriptions, reorder levels, and reorder quantities. This makes them perfect for people who want a more comprehensive look at the products they carry.

We’ve written an entire article all about inventory lists if you want to learn more.

Download Free Excel Inventory Template: Inventory list

Purchase order template

A purchase order (PO) is a document that a buyer gives to a seller that describes exactly what they want to buy. The information includes the type of products, quantities, agreed-upon prices, shipping details, and more.

Purchase orders provide you with a record of what you ordered and for how much. This will give you something to reference if you run into problems. For example, if you receive the wrong number of units or notice a higher charge, you could use a purchase order to resolve these issues.

It’s a good idea to use POs in your business from day one, so if you don’t use them already, download this Excel inventory template immediately!  

Download Free Excel Inventory Template: Purchase Order

Sales quote template

A sales quote isn’t necessary for all businesses or customers, but it’s good to know how they function. Sales quotes are useful when prospective customers ask about how much an order could cost but aren’t quite ready to make that order yet. You’ll often deal with sales quotes in bulk orders or custom orders, where you need to create special items for a customer.

Download Free Excel Inventory Template: Sales Quote

Sales order template

A sales order (SO) is a document given to customers before the delivery of goods or services. The information on a sales order is very similar to a purchase order, including the products, quantities, pricing, and totals. Much like a purchase order, these work as a great reference to the terms of the sale. If any issues arise, you can simply go back and check your sales order.

POs and SOs go hand in hand, so these two Excel inventory templates work really well together.   

Download Free Excel Inventory Template: Sales Order

Picklist template

We’ve written an article about pick lists and how they can help you prepare orders faster. If you pick orders one at a time, then a pick list can improve your workflow by enabling batch picking. When your warehouse workers can retrieve products for several orders at a time, you can save a few extra hours each week.

Download Free Excel Inventory Template: Pick List

Bills of materials template

A bill of materials (BOM) outlines the specific components that make up an item. In other words, it’s like a recipe for manufacturing. BOMs are sometimes called product structures or associated lists. They are most commonly used in manufacturing companies to create items from raw materials.

The act of using a BOM to create finished goods comes in the form of a work order (WO). For example, if you manufacture sunglasses, your work order would detail that you need 20 pairs of lenses and 10 frames.

However, a work order can sometimes be the same as a purchase order (PO). One company might send a work order to another company to request their products/services.

Download Free Excel Inventory Template: Bill of Materials(BOM)

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