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Excel Inventory Templates: Free Downloads for Your Business

by Matthew Kostanecki | Last Updated: March 30th, 2022 | Inventory | 1 comments

As discussed in our inventory management 101 section, mastering inventory control depends on properly documenting everything in your business. Below are the most common inventory templates you might come across.

Product list templates

A product list acts as a master sheet for all the products your business carries. A good product list should include all the products you carry, how much they cost, and what their retail selling price is.

We created an excel inventory template for a product list .

Purchase order templates

A purchase order (PO) is a document given by a buyer to a seller documenting exactly what it is that they want to buy. Information includes the type of products, quantities, agreed upon prices, shipping details and more.

We have a basic purchase order template for download.

Sales quote templates

A sales quote isn’t necessary for all businesses or customers, but it’s good to know about how they function. Sales quotes are useful when prospective customers are asking about how much an order could cost, but they aren’t quite ready to make that order yet. You’ll often deal with sales quotes in bulk orders or for custom orders, where special items need to be created for a customer.

We have a basic sales quote template available for download.

Sales order templates

A sales order (SO) is a document given to customers before the delivery of the goods or services. The information on a sales order is very similar to a purchase order including the products, quantities, pricing, and totals.

We have a basic sales order template available for download.

Sales invoice order template

In addition to a Sales Order (SO), you might want to include a sales invoice to your customer. An invoice is a document that shows the products, pricing and if applicable, the amount due. A sales invoice is also known as a bill.

Pick list template

We’ve written a whole other article about pick lists and how they can help you prepare orders faster. If you’ve been picking orders one at a time, then a pick list can improve your workflow by enabling batch picking. When your warehouse workers are able to retrieve products for several orders at a time, you can save a few extra hours each week.

Visit our article to learn more and download the pick list template.

Bills of materials template

A bill of materials is a document outlining the specific components that make up an item. In other words, it’s like a recipe for manufacturing. It’s also sometimes called BOM for short, product structure or associated list. They are most completely used in manufacturing companies to create items from raw materials.

We have a basic bill of materials template available for download.

Acting on a Bill of Materials usually comes in the form of a work order (WO), which is the act of using the BOM (recipe) to create finished goods. For example, if you’re manufacturing sunglasses, you might create a work order detailing that you need 20 pairs of lenses and 10 frames.

.However, a work order can sometimes be the same thing as a purchase order (PO). One company might send a work order to another company in request of their products / service.

Get all of the Excel inventory templates you need

If you’re looking to get a complete system that has all the inventory templates you could need, try out inFlow Inventory. inFlow is a software system that can run your business. You’ll be able to instantly create sales orders, purchase orders, invoices, receipts and much more! Give it a try by downloading it today.

Matthew Kostanecki

Matthew Kostanecki

Matthew Kostanecki is speaker, author, and active contributor to the small business community. He leads the marketing and business development for inFlow Inventory.

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