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Introducing inFlow On-Premise v3.5.2

by Thomas | Last Updated: July 30th, 2021 | inFlow Updates | 6 comments

inFlow On-Premise v3.5.2 was released this week, and with it come a few changes and enhancements.

The first change is that inFlow Inventory is now inFlow On-Premise. We’ve had over ten years to associate the name inFlow with inventory, so we’re now calling this product inFlow On-Premise to signify that it’s hosted on-site on your local network. This also helps to differentiate inFlow On-Premise from our other product, inFlow Cloud, which hosts your information in a giant fluffy data center that we like to pretend is in the sky.

Sales Quote shortcut and bug fixes

But we wouldn’t release an update just to tweak our software name. inFlow On-Premise v3.5.2 also includes a handy shortcut for making sales quotes straight from the product page. Previously you had to use the main menu to create any new quotes, but as of v3.5.2, you can create quotes from any product page simply by clicking on the Sell button.

We’ve also continued the visual redesign that we started in v3.5.1, with new looks for the installer, loading screen, setup, login, and About inFlow page.

The rest of v3.5.2 is focused on a few key bug fixes that were reported and tested over the past few months. Thank you to all of our users who took the time to let us know about them! For the full details, please see our release notes.

Updating to inFlow v3.5.2

If you’d like to update to inFlow On-Premise v3.5.2, all you’ll have to do is check your maintenance plan at If your plan expires after July 25, 2017, then just download the 3.5.2 installer from that page and run it on all of your computers that use inFlow v3. That’s it!

If your maintenance plan expires before that date, you can just renew your plan so that you can use v3.5.2 and also regain access to our in-depth support for another year.

If you haven’t used inFlow On-Premise before, you can download the Free Edition of inFlow On-Premise.




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  1. Joseph Cornejo

    With the onsite premise, would we have access to our own database? would you guys help with the install?

    • Thomas Wong

      Hi Joseph,
      If you install inFlow On-Premise, then you’d have all of your data stored locally on one of your computers.
      We’ve made the installation process pretty easy (it’s fairly automatic after you run our installer), but if you have any issues, we’ve also got a support article to help:

      If you have any questions after reading the article, that page has a section to contact our support team for more help 🙂

  2. Felix Wong

    How soon would you able to implement the “Lot Number” function in your software. I am in the food manufacturing and really need this feature. (I read about the sub-location that you suggested but not quite fit)

    • Thomas Wong

      Hi Felix,

      Sorry about that — we don’t have a lot number function planned for inFlow On-Premise at this time, but I will let our developer team know about your request (we tally all incoming requests for features). Unfortunately the sublocation workaround is the best substitute for lot numbers in inFlow at this time.

  3. Sofia

    Hello how much does it cost annually?


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