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Introducing inFlow 3.5.1 with count sheets for everyone

by Thomas | Last Updated: July 30th, 2021 | inFlow Updates | 4 comments

Maybe it’s just us, but nothing says January like a fresh version of inFlow inventory. This version had us tightening the bolts to make inFlow a more reliable day-to-day tool, but we’ve also included a few great extras.

Count sheets (a.k.a., cycle counts) for all!

There used to be two types of inFlow users: those with Count Sheets and those without. However as of v3.5.1 Count Sheets are available to all inFlow license types, which means you can use them with a Free, Regular or Premium license if you have inFlow v3.5.1 or higher installed.

There has never been a better time to count all of the things you have in stock! If you’re not sure how to start, we’ve written this cycle count workflow just for you.

Introducing inFlow 3.5.1

A streamlined experience

inFlow 3.5.1 also unveils a new look for the program. We’ve put a lot of thought into this redesign of the inFlow Inventory experience, and so we’ve written a whole other post about it, if you’d like to pore over the details with us.

Ready to try jump onto inFlow 3.5.1? Get it NOW at:




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  1. Mandy Henderson

    Is there a quick way that I can copy a count sheet that I’ve already created to a new count sheet?

    • Thomas Wong

      There sure is, Mandy: there’s a Copy button towards the top of the screen while you’re in the Count Sheet tab. You can use that to copy all of the contents of that sheet to a new one.

  2. nette dacanay

    I bought a regular license so how come the free edition is coming up when I open my inflow program?

    • Thomas Wong

      Hi Netta, thanks for purchasing inFlow!
      Hmm, if you’ve just purchased inFlow and it’s still showing Free Edition at the top, you may just have to quit inFlow and reload it. That will force another license check and you should see your Regular license at the top.

      If it’s still an issue, please reach out to and our support team can help you get sorted out! ^Thomas


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