inFlow now has a dedicated SKU field  


You can now fill in an optional stock keeping unit (SKU) field for each of your products.

Depending on how your inFlow account is set up, you may have to make some changes to integrations to make sure they keep working as you’d expect. We’ve provided more specific details in this SKU support article.

As a result of some back-end changes, any Amazon or Squarespace integrations will need to be re-authorized from the Integrations page of the web app.

General improvements:

  •  inFlow now supports AmazonEU marketplaces.
  •  We also support inventory push to Amazon FBM (Fulfilled by Merchant) accounts.
  •  inFlow’s Squarespace integration now pushes inventory changes immediately (instead of once per hour).
  •  You can now update credit card information for your inFlow Cloud account without signing in.

Stuff we’ve fixed:

  •  We fixed print-related crashes that could occur on the PO Summary, Customer Order History, and PO Status reports.