Online Showroom fixes and improvements:

We’ve received great feedback on the new Online Showroom, so thank you to everyone who has written in! We’re listening intently and have made a number of changes to improve the experience, so they’re grouped together below:

  • Online Showroom list view more compact so that you can see more products on a single page 
  • As long as a visitor remains logged into their Special Showroom, they won’t have to re-enter their password to visit the page 
  • Online Showroom now properly displays prices if you have it set up to do so 
  • Showrooms will now resize pictures for easy viewing on mobile devices 
  • Non-stocked products and Services will no longer show as “out of stock” in an Online Showroom 
  • Pressing the ESC key on your keyboard will now exit an image preview in Online Showroom 
  • Special Showroom invite emails will now come from a company team member, instead of an inFlow email address

General Improvements:

  • The Adjust Stock screen has been optimized for scanning products in and out (for more information, see this support article) 

Issues we’ve fixed:

  • A taxing scheme with 0% primary and secondary taxes (with special tax rates on) could hide the taxes on an order  
  • Some users were reporting a “data conflict” error while saving products (even if nobody else was using inFlow) 
  • Clicking on a date field (like Pick Date) will now properly display the calendar picker