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Announcing the Winner of the “What Would You Scan?” Contest

by Matthew Kostanecki | Last Updated: July 30th, 2021 | Barcoding | 0 comments

Last month, we ran a contest on our Facebook page to give the small business community a chance at winning a $146 barcode scanner courtesy of Canada POS.

Barcode scanners help you become more efficient and professional while managing your inventory with inFlow so we thought it was a perfect item for a contest.

We received over 330 entries from small business owners telling us what they would scan if they had won the Metrologic Voyager MS9540. After randomly drawing from all the eligible entries, we have a winner!

But first, we thought it would be fun to go through some of the more entertaining entries we received. From pets, tattoos, to family members, it seemed nothing was off limits!

When asked “What you would scan?”

“My wife! Because she’s priceless! Just like I thought.” – Jacob E.
“Everything including my cat!” – Silva S
“The barcode on Angelina Jolie’s body!” – Gil J.
“I would scan: the boss!” – Juliann E.
“My kids, they would each get a barcode to scan each time they cost me money!” – Nicolette W.
“My own smile if I win” – Danny L.
“My children as they’re priceless” – Keven. D
“My moustache – cause my wife once said it looked like a bar code – she wasn’t being nice.” – Jeremy
“This zebra” – Leclere
“My hand! I’d stick a barcode sticker on it and see what it comes up with, hehe!” – Martine
“Cow dung “ – J.Fiifi
“The most expensive bottle of beer we have in our Big Boy Cooler! – Keven K
“The barcode on my breakfast cereal :)” – Alfred B.
“ My bar-code tattoo” – Christos Zikas

And The Winner Is…

The winner of the barcode scanner contest is Philip B. from  He said he would scan his massive, yet manually managed, book inventory. Congratulations Phillip!

Thank you everyone who entered, we really appreciate all the entries!

Did you like this contest? Should we do another one soon? Let us know in the comments below!

Matthew Kostanecki

Matthew Kostanecki

Matthew Kostanecki is speaker, author, and active contributor to the small business community. He leads the marketing and business development for inFlow Inventory.


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