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Wanted: Customer Champion.

by inFlow Inventory | Last Updated: July 30th, 2021 | inFlow Updates | 0 comments

Following the amazing success of our V2.0 launch inFlow is hiring again!

Job Title: Customer Champion
(Toronto Office)

Who we are:

We’re a team of savvy programmers, passionate designers, and seasoned businesspeople working on a rapidly growing (and profitable!) startup. Our product has been embraced by over 80,000 small businesses around the world and has reached #1 in its space on CNET and Google.

Here’s what you’d do:

– Be passionate about taking care of customers through our support operations (phone, email, etc.) 2 to 3 days a week

– Gather feedback from customers and help us dream up how to best meet their needs

– Design tutorial videos, guides, and documentation to help customers learn and be productive

– Evaluate our latest improvements and coordinate a group of testers for larger scale testing

– Initiate your own ideas and projects to help us grow

Here’s what we need from you:

– Have a great intuitive understanding of people’s needs and points of confusion

– Love to help people. When strangers are frustrated or confused, it should bother you.

– Investigate problems. “Hmm, it works most of the time, but when I do this…”

– You can learn software really, well. You know all the glitches, how to work around them, and unintended ways of using the software.

– Feel comfortable fiddling with computers, e.g. using regedit, cmd.exe, or log files.

– Magnifitastic writing skill.

It’d be cool if you:

– Have experience teaching or tutoring people

– Write, blog, and post videos

– Have started or worked in a small business

– Volunteer somewhere or take care of somebody

– Are fluent in another language, especially Spanish or French

Here’s why you should join us:

– Check out our product’s demo video at Please only apply if you’re excited!

– Work from home 3 days a week, if you want. Will need to be in the office for the other 2 days.

– Make a difference. You’ll be member of a rapidly growing startup impacting tens of thousands of people.

– Get the satisfaction of directly and indirectly helping people.

– We treat our employees and customers well, and donate a percentage of our profits to help third-world entrepreneurs via

– Work with smart, ambitious people who’ll give you the freedom to kick ass

Send us your resume and a cover letter to Tell us something interesting about yourself!

inFlow Inventory

inFlow Inventory


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