inFlow v3.5.2 can create sales quotes straight from the product page

Introducing inFlow On-Premise v3.5.2

Posted by Thomas Wong

inFlow On-Premise v3.5.2 was released this week, and with it come a few changes and enhancements. The first change is that inFlow Inventory is now inFlow On-Premise. We’ve had over ten years to associate the name inFlow with inventory, so we’re now calling this product inFlow On-Premise to signify that it’s hosted on-site on your […]

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Picture of the inFlow team

Reclaiming the backyard: volunteering with Fred Victor

Posted by Cassandra

With a few volunteer days under our belts, it was only appropriate that this one would require the most logistical coordination yet! It was a great opportunity to rise to the challenge. We had reached out to Fred Victor, a local non-profit that focuses on homelessness, poverty, and mental health in the Toronto area. Fred […]

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