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Introducing our inFlow Cloud companion apps for iPhone and Android

by Thomas | Last Updated: July 30th, 2021 | inFlow Updates | 4 comments

It’s been a while coming, but the inFlow Cloud companion app for iPhone is here. We’ve also re-released our Android companion app to make it faster, and so that we can provide a similar feature set to both iOS and Android users.

Both apps load your data dynamically over Wi-Fi or cellular connections, so they’ll feel fast. This makes them great for the workflows we designed at launch.

You can make quick stock adjustments with dedicated functions to Stock In or Stock Out. So if you’re in the warehouse and need to update your stock levels, you can do it right from the smartphone in your pocket. Both the iPhone and Android apps support using the camera as a scanner, so if you’ve got barcodes, your stock adjustments can go even faster!

"View your whole product list in the palm of your hand."

These companion apps are also handy on the road. You can check product listings and prices, or review stock levels right from the app. Your company’s customer listings also sync to the companion apps, so you can call up customer balances or contact info without cluttering up your phone’s address book.

"View and manage customer details on the go."

Of course, all of these changes sync across inFlow Cloud apps on Windows, web, and mobile, so you can rest assured the information you’re viewing is always up to date.

We’re excited to launch the iPhone app and our public beta for Android, but this is just the start; we’d love to hear your feedback on the apps, and we plan to roll out more features as they become available.



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  1. Saifullah

    This is free

    • Thomas Wong

      Hi Saifullah, our companion apps require an inFlow Cloud subscription to use. You’ll need at least an Essentials plan or trial to use them.
      Hope that helps!

      If you’d like to try inFlow out for free, we’ve got a sign up link here:

      Hope that helps!

  2. Alexis Co

    hi i’m currently using the companion app and i find it hard to search the products specially for us since we have thousands of items. it would be nice if it will be the same with the windows app where you can customize the search bar and search using item code, description, category and custom info. it would also be nice if we can view the sales order so we can check what orders are processed by our employees when we’re away.

  3. Ronnie Bennett

    We were enjoying using the InFlow App (Android) along with our PC apps, found it very convenient to use on the fly. However, since the recent (2) updates, I’m now having issues with the app freezing up constantly, especially in the middle of a sales order/purchase order. I sure hope you guys are looking into this and come up with a fix soon.


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