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inFlow: New Review

by inFlow Inventory | Last Updated: July 30th, 2021 | inFlow Updates | 0 comments

Brothersoft – a Chinese based International download portal, published an interesting (and extremely positive) review of our latest software last week. Check it out!

inFlow Inventory Software,Take all Sights on Every Offer

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If you are running a small business, then you are on the successful way sooner or later. However, putting all your passion into a small business is really a touch task containing various detailed works needs to do orderly with response more or less. At this point, inflow Inventory Software is helping you to take a pace with final success closer, easier and sooner.

InFlow Inventory software is specially designed for small business holders, it gives you an opportunity to organize every aspect of your business. InFlow handles all their needs for inventory tracking, taking customer orders, purchasing, and gathering information through reports. As the tags in main interface shown, the inflow inventory software mainly develops Sales, Purchasing, Inventory and Reports in every offer. Now let’s see the specific operations.

Even you are not quite familiar with it, e.g, how to use the inventory, or from where to start, etc., the inflow Inventory software will not make yourself in the embarrassing situation. After the installation, you can choose firstly to follow a video tutorial with an indeed detailed training and sample guide.


As the above picture demonstrated, in each category, you can decide how to start, import, export, backup, restore or reset the data. What’s more, in the Report part, you will certainly get some samples even you have no idea on how to analyzing mass of data and finally clearly sum up a regular report.

Brothersoft 2

In addition, in the main interface, the inflow Inventory Software also has two major advantages. I thought you might catch the first one when you see the following shot.

Brothersoft 3

That’s true, in every offer, from the beginning to the end; it links into two circles, with Inventory in the middle, connecting vendor and customer together, purchase and sales order transactions inside. This is called Supply Chain Management System, exactly the first advantage. The system is used to manage over 10,000 products with annual transactions in the range of tens of millions of dollars.

Besides, by clicking in every column, you will get the operation recommendations, such as to start a new vendor, new purchase order, new sales order, etc. Besides, the total list is also available in each column. You can view or update the past activities.

Here we take a very simple example, which is also the beginning when you have a new product and want to import it in the inflow Inventory Software. Clicking “add a new product to track” under Inventory, a table appears.

Brothersoft 4

After this, I believe, you are convinced by this program; it does indeed bring such a convenient recording function.

Providing customer’s quotes, looking at warehouse stock, and running reports on last month’s sales, you would be thoroughly impressed with this program’s array of options and how simple they were to navigate. That’s the second special operations besides the SCMS (Supply Chain Management System).

Of course, the inflow Inventory software are also considering about customization. In Setting, you can fill in your company profile; create multiple people accounts and custom fields. Anyway, fully setting as your personal habits, that is coming true in the inflow Inventory software.

InFlow Inventory Software has been installed by over 25,000 people all around the world and is currently the most popular piece of Inventory Software in the industry. We highly recommend this download for its ease of use, numerous options and free download. With the inflow Inventory software, operational efficiency will be increased, with better customer satisfaction; and efficient cash flow and product! You are benefiting all of them!

inFlow Inventory

inFlow Inventory


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