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Customers we love!

by inFlow Inventory | Last Updated: July 30th, 2021 | inFlow Updates | 0 comments

Without question, the best thing about our business is our customers. They’re some of the most talented, interesting and genuinely nice people you could ever wish to meet.

I’m constantly amazed at just how diverse a group they really are. People, literally from all corners of the globe and an enormous range of industries, businesses and professions.

One of the highlights of my job is getting the opportunity to take a peek into their world.  Learning more about what they do, how they do it and what makes their business tick.

We find it fascinating, we thought you might too. Hence the inspiration for “Customers we Love”- Blog articles designed to share with you the people we meet and why we think they’re special.

Without further ado then, here goes:

Nothing makes us happier than a success story, especially one that involves an inFlow customer.

RT manufacturing is an oilfield specialty manufacturer based in Chickasha, Oklahoma, USA. The equipment manufactured is all designed by Troy Rodgers, CEO.

Chickasha, named in honor of its Native American heritage is home to *15,850 people and is the business hub of Grady Country, Oklahoma.

Makers of specialized oil field related equipment – RT founded its business during one of the most challenging economic downturns in history.

Setting up shop in Chickasha last August, RT signaled fresh economic optimism for the residents of this small southwestern city (currently employing 19 staff,  RT plans to add 34 jobs in the next 7 years)

Reading up on the company’s success, it seems to stem from two critical factors:

– It’s decision to think like a local company but act like a global company. Focusing outside the US market and developing its services on clients overseas has definitely helped it ride the storm.

– Partnering with other businesses that complement its core skills – RT is the manufacturing arm of a trio of a group of companies including RT Energy and Rodgers Technology.

Rodgers Technology
holds the patent rights to new oil field related equipment inventions. RT acts as the exclusive manufacturer for all patent pending equipment.

A third offshoot, RT Energy Services is the operating company for these services which reach the marketplace under a rental or operating agreement.

When I spoke to Debra Hamilton, one of the owners at the company about what inspired her to implement Inventory Management Software she said “We’re a relatively young, growing business – successfully managing an inventory consisting of hundreds of parts was becoming a real challenge”

“I wanted something that could help us get organized inventory wise, track vendors and purchase orders – that sort of thing” “inFlow is extremely easy to use, I figured it out very fast and I don’t consider myself an “IT” person.  We definitely got our money’s worth”

Thanks Debra, we love you guys too! Your business savvy, ability to prosper and your positive impact on your local community gets our respect. Good luck in your first year of business and long may your success continue.

*Wikipedia cannot seem to decide whether Chickasha has a population of 15,850 or 150,850 – What’s the real answer I wonder?

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