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Automatic Exchange Rates and Improved Sorting

Posted by ThomasLast Updated January 26th, 2024
— 2 minutes reading

We’ve got two time-saving features for you this week: automatic currency conversion and better sorting controls. Let’s dig right in.

Automatic exchange rates

We know you might sell your products in many other currencies, so you need accurate exchange rates to calculate costs and profit.

Our latest update makes this easier by allowing you to pull in exchange rates automatically. Whenever a new foreign currency order is created, inFlow will use the latest mid-market rate from Open Exchange Rates.

If you’ve already set your own custom exchange rates then inFlow will use those instead.

Want to double check your custom exchange rates? Just head to your Global settings and select Currency and exchange rates.

Better sorting on transfers, adjustments, and counts

We’ve been exploring in-app controls to make inFlow easier and more customizable. Our latest improvement allows you to sort columns or manually reorder line items on certain types of records.

Sort by column

You can now select a column header to sort it alphanumerically, in either ascending or descending order.

Reorder line items

Or do you want reorder things yourself? No problem!

Just mouse over the left side of the product column until you see a grab handle (a grid of eight dots). Then click and hold on the handle to move a product up or down the table.

View a product in a new tab

Sometimes you just want to check on a product without losing your spot—and now you can!

Just mouse over a product and click on its name to open it up in a new tab.

These updates (sorting, reordering, and viewing products) are only for stock adjustments, stock transfers, and stock counts for now—but we’re excited to bring these controls to other areas of inFlow, wherever it makes sense to do so.

That’s it for this round of inFlow updates, but we’ve got a lot more in the pipeline for 2024.

If you’re not yet using inFlow to make inventory management easier, you’ve come at a great time. You can start your free trial at the link below and see these improvements for yourself.

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