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A GoodFirms Interview with Louis Leung, Co-founder of inFlow Inventory

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Founded in 2007, inFlow is one of the best inventory software solutions for small companies, made by the fine folks at Archon Systems Inc. inFlow has been around for over 12 years and isn’t the new kid on the block.

The group offers software with a clear focus on inventory tracking and options to accommodate your unique workflow. Whether clients’ business is dropshipping herbal teas, manufacturing hi-tech counting machines, or making their jewelry, the team at inFlow offers options to accommodate their work.

Their inventory software handles thousands of products and transactions without all of the hassle of a spreadsheet. Their team has stayed away from the status quo by designing software that’s easy for anyone to pick up and with features that scale to customers’ company size.

What problem does inFlow Inventory solve? 

Recently the GoodFirms team interviewed Louis Leung, the co-founder of inFlow Inventory. During the interview, he explained the role within his company and also described in brief the objective and benefits of the software.

As one of the co-founders at Archon Systems Inc., Louis created inFlow Inventory with his co-founder, Stephen, and together they made inventory management more accessible to small businesses.

When they first made inFlow in 2007, most inventory software was very boxy. Everything was windows within windows that made it hard to track data, and it was just really hard to learn. So they made inFlow with a mind to bring purpose and usability to the inventory world.

Louis doesn’t think many people wake up in the morning delighted to do inventory, but they are excited about their business. And one of the riskiest expenses for a business is inventory. So inFlow’s work is to help customers manage inventory quickly and adequately to keep doing what matters most to them.

What are inFlow’s standout features?

Talking about how the software is beneficial from a value-added perspective to clients, Louis beams that many customers come to them from a manual pen-and-paper or spreadsheet setup. They’re used to a particular level of simplicity, but they want a solution that is ready to use out of the box. inFlow saves its customers hours each week by combining accurate orders to actual inventory levels. It’s that simple.

That access to simplicity extends to trials, too. You can use inFlow just a few minutes after starting a trial, and the team provides options to book a managed demo that explains how inFlow could help clients’ business and meet their specific needs.

inFlow’s mobile app is also an enormous value addition for inventory and order management on the go. It runs on iPhone and Android and the Smart Scanner, a rugged smartphone with a built-in laser scanner.

The following features enable inFlow Inventory to stand out amongst the other labels in the market:

Inventory management software is a collection of multiple software tools to help businesses automate and streamline the inventory management method. It optimizes records, saves time, increases productivity, reduces human error, improves team productivity, and decreases costs.

Moreover, inFlow’s Inventory software allows automation, easy updates and tracking of inventory, managing optimum inventory levels, improving profitability and productivity, and intensifying business profits. It also provides forecasting, analytics, and reporting tools for business data.

As businesses grow, the complexity of their internal systems and needs grow too. inFlow handles complex workflows—like dropshipping, manufacturing, and tracking serialized products—out of the box. This saves customers time and money that would ordinarily be spent on developing solutions from scratch.

It’s no wonder then that inFlow Inventory leads as one of the top inventory management software at GoodFirms.

Which industries does inFlow serve? 

Louis says that many inFlow customers are in the wholesale, warehouse management, ecommerce, or field service industries. Those consumers care a lot about the core features like multi-location support, integrations and API, and the ability to work from any device.

Louis believes that the mobile app offers inventory and order management on the go. Many businesses develop a mobile app to say they have one, but inFlow’s app isn’t just a reskin of the web app: it’s a great experience designed specifically for phones to help clients do real everyday work.

Another customer favorite is the B2B portal, which is named Showroom. It’s an add-on that turns clients’ product lists into an online showroom that customers can browse and buy from. Even if clients use one of the ecommerce integrations, they can use showrooms to give VIP customers exclusive pricing.

Concluding with the interview, Louis talks about inFlow’s pricing structure: inFlow plans are paid on a monthly or annual basis, so all customers are repeat customers.  “The retention rate is higher than the industry average for the subscription software industry, so it seems like our customer are happy too,” says Louis.Thus, having read the summary from Louis Leung’s interview, one can also go through the detailed interview published at GoodFirms.



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