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inFlow is your one-stop shop for all of your orders and inventory.

Use the right tool for your Shopify inventory

Hundreds of Shopify stores trust inFlow for inventory

If you’re like most sellers, you run a Shopify store and a retail shop and a wholesale business. Juggling orders across systems can be confusing, and you risk overselling product.

inFlow provides you with a single system to manage orders from Shopify and any other sales channel you might use. When all of your orders and inventory are connected, you’ll find it easier to focus and avoid overselling.

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How inFlow works with Shopify

inFlow takes a lot of the manual work out of checking stock and fulfilling orders. Our inventory software can automatically:

  • l Pull orders down from Shopify
  • f Push available stock back to Shopify

What can inFlow do for your store?

Pick, pack, and ship

Scan products off the shelf with your smartphone. Buy and print shipping labels from the app. Then send tracking information to customers, automatically.

Stay ahead of stockouts

Running out of stock can turn your customer into someone else’s. Avoid stockouts with reorder points and low-stock notifications and keep sales flowing.

Connect to 96 other services

inFlow also connects to nearly a hundred other ecommerce, accounting, and automation platforms to make your day-to-day work easier.

Manage sales from anywhere

Orders don’t just come in when you’re at your desk. inFlow offers powerful iPhone and Android apps to process orders from wherever you are. 

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