Inventory software
for solar PV installers

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Account for PV panels at every site

When you’re managing multiple solar installations, you lose money each time you lose components. inFlow’s end-to-end inventory tracking helps the busiest installers make sure that the right panels and inverters are sent to the right job site.

You can also manage the inventory kept on each of your vehicles to help account for smaller essentials, like sealant and photovoltaic (PV) wires.

Track serial numbers for every PV module

Warranty tracking becomes much easier when you know exactly which PV panel was installed at which site.

inFlow provides a full movement history for every product, right down to the serial number.

So if a panel needs replacement or repair, a quick look at inFlow shows you when it was purchased and which site it went to.

What else can inFlow do?

Track the parts on every service truck

Scan materials to transfer them from the warehouse to each truck. Technicians can scan them out as they use or sell those parts.

Easy order histories per customer

inFlow doesn’t just track inventory, it also shows you which customers you’ve sold to, and which products you’ve sold to them.

Never run out of stock again

inFlow makes reordering easy with simple rules to send notifications when you run low on stock. This lets you reorder ahead of time and avoid costly stockouts.

Mobile scanning from any phone

Whether you’re scanning stock onto a truck or recording the right serial numbers at your installation site, inFlow apps makes scanning easy from your iPhone or Android device.

Renewable energy,
meet reliable inventory

Try inFlow for free!No credit card required. Sign up now!

Mobile signout

Manage truck inventory from your iPhone or Android device.

Total recall

Barcoded orders and movement history make it easy to review records.

Invoicing built in

Generate professional receipts or invoices straight from inFlow.