inFlow Inventory & QuickBooks Online

Connect QuickBooks Online to your inventory and sales.

Use the right tool for your Quickbooks inventory

Trust QuickBooks for financials and inFlow for inventory and orders

QuickBooks is great accounting software for tracking payments and profit, but it wasn’t designed for multiple locations, reordering stock, or fulfilling orders.

That’s where inventory software steps in. Use inFlow to manage your inventory and fulfill orders while pushing financials automatically to QuickBooks Online.

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How does inFlow work with QuickBooks?

inFlow saves you hours of data entry by automatically updating accounting records:

  • l Purchases as Bills
  • m Sales as invoices
  • f Updated inventory assets
  • n Updated Cost of Goods Sold (COGS)

What can inFlow do for you?

Inventory tracking

Manage stock levels and inventory value across multiple warehouses. Track each product’s movement history, right down to the bin.

Smarter purchasing

inFlow helps you reorder in advance to avoid stockouts. Set up reorder alerts and resupply by PO, work order, or stock transfer.

Order fulfillment

inFlow can handle it all: from quotes to picking to tracking numbers. inFlow tracks financial changes at each step, so you can just focus on getting stuff done.

Upgrade B2B orders

Upgrade from order spreadsheets to a full product catalog. Invite customers to private showrooms so they can place and pay for orders online.

Wondering if inFlow can connect to that other thing?

We offer over 50 integrations across ecommerce, accounting, and shipping.