Here are 3 great organizations to help out

There are many wonderful non-profit and not for profit organizations in the inFlow community.

This December we’d like to put the spotlight on these three.

Turn your clicks into donation dollars

We’ll donate one dollar per vote to each organization, up to $1,000.00 USD per organization. If any organization gains over 100 votes, we’ll donate an extra $500.00 USD towards them. These are all worthy causes, and you can give to an organization just by placing your vote. We’ll share results on December 18.

Ooknakane Friendship Centre

The Ooknakane Friendship Centre is an aboriginal not-for-profit society in Penticton, British Columbia that supports people of all nations. More specifically, they have services for family and youth, housing, and adult wellness and elder services.

115 votes

Conexus Vision

Conexus Vision aims to protect and promote healthy vision for students in Virginia. Their VisioCheck program quickly and non-invasively screens for factors that might affect vision. They also partner with local optometrists to provide on-site eye exams and provide eyewear to students who need it.

102 votes

Project V.E.T.S.

Project V.E.T.S. is dedicated to improving the welfare of animals worldwide by collecting and supplying veterinary equipment, technology, and supplies. They then ship these supplies—which might otherwise have ended up in a landfill—to veterinarians and organizations devoted to animal health.

241 votes

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More about how inFlow gives 365 days a year

Help for those who help others

We give registered non-profit organizations a 50% discount on any license or plan that we offer.

Supporting businesses around the world

Using Kiva, we’ve given 3,453 microfinance loans to 76 countries in the majority world.

Volunteering time in our community

Twice a year our company heads out to spend a day volunteering with a local Toronto non-profit organization.