control right out of the box.

All your products. All in one place. inFlow tracks products, prices, and stock levels across all your devices. If you can move it, buy it, or sell it, inFlow can track it for you.

Shelve your inventory doubts.

Our inventory management software acts like your business intelligence service. You’ll always know what’s in stock, what’s been reserved and what’s available to sell. The days of being caught off guard are over.

Loved and trusted by
large, medium and small
businesses worldwide.

See the history
behind the product.

Automatically track the movement history for your products — right down to each adjustment or order. And you can leave the calculator at home. We take care of the costing mumbo jumbo (like FIFO and LIFO) for you.

I used to be asked by my boss, at the worst times I might add, “How much stock do we have right now?” And I’d give a guesstimate, sometimes close, some times I was way off, as I had to answer right away. Those days are gone thankfully, as now at any given moment I can not only give an exact stock count, but I can tell if more is needed to order and how much.

Inventory management SOFTWARE features

Organize products

Full product list
Product categories
Product photos
Serial numbers
Units of measure
Deactivate products


Barcode support
Generate barcode numbers
Print barcode labels

Pricing and costing

Pricing schemes
Multiple currencies
Bulk price changes

Stock tracking

Multiple locations
Stock adjustments
Stock transfers


Low stock emails
Reorder points
One-click PO generation


Work orders / kitting
Bill of materials (BOM)
Assembly cost tracking

Take control of your
inventory today.