General improvements:

  •  We’ve added Last Vendor Price to the Stock Reordering Report.
  •  We’ve increased the timeout time when exporting data (this should help with running larger CSV exports).
  •  Count sheets now offer an additional warning that you should stop inventory movements before you begin a count.
  •  Count sheets can now be split in two (useful if you don’t finish everything in a count).
  •  You can now make Sales Quotes on the web.
  •  We’ve optimized our internal accounting calculations to make them run faster.

Stuff we’ve fixed:

  •  You should no longer see a red X on touchscreen computers after inputting items on an order.
  •  Service and Non-stocked items should once again show in the order history. (Sorry about that!)
  •   Tapping the search icon on iOS and Android should now bring up the search field and keyboard (this used to require an extra tap).