General improvements:

  • We’ve improved the responsiveness of purchase orders containing lots of vendor items. 
  • We’ve improved the experience of opening multiple orders from the Reorder Stock screen. 

Stuff we’ve fixed:

  • We’ve updated our DYMO Framework to work with their latest software. 
  • The Top 5 area of the Dashboard will now refresh properly. 
  • Pushing inventory values to Squarespace (through the integration) works again. 
  • The inFlow API now returns product costs properly. 
  • We fixed an issue that kept users from accessing batch payments in the Payment History tab. 
  • The Estimated Inventory Duration report is now fixed. 
  • The Historical Inventory Summary report is now fixed. 
  • We fixed an issue where some customers saw an SO overage when there was none. 
  • We fixed an issue that kept you from clearing payment terms in a sales order. 
  • Fixed button alignment issues when viewing the web app on a mobile device. 
  • Purchasing UoM will no longer revert to a 1:1 ratio when saving on mobile.   
  • We fixed a Smart Scanner application crash that could occur after approving camera and access storage.