General improvements:

  •   Tapping “Save” on a mobile order will now save the order, and then return you to the order list (this should save you a few taps on each order).

Stuff we’ve fixed:

  •  We’ve fixed the payment history window to show remaining amounts after a batch payment is made.
  •   We’ve fixed layout issues for generated invoices viewed on mobile.
  •  Showroom colours can no longer be set to transparent (transparency caused buttons to look like they had disappeared, even though they still worked).
  •  Showroom visitors in Safari can now scroll properly on the checkout page.
  •   Scanning an unknown barcode in the product list will no longer ask you to replace a barcode.
  •   You can edit Location and Sublocation on the Receive screen again.
  •  You can edit From and To locations on stock transfers again.
  •   Finalizing your picked products will no longer cause a crash.