General improvements:

  •    You can now filter by custom field on web and mobile.
  •  We’ve added access rights to allow team members to receive products without seeing product costs, as well as receive extra items without having to pay for them.
  •  Our Zapier integration can filter purchase orders by inventory and payment status.
  •   We’ve increased the rewards in our inFlow Referral program: head to the web app and click on the top-right corner to see the new reward amount!

Stuff we’ve fixed:

  •  Showroom orders now copy customer’s custom field data to the sales order
  •  We’ve fixed our login page to redirect inFlow On-Premise customers to
  •  Scanning an unknown barcode from the product list will no longer cause the phone to buzz continuously.
  •   We fixed a bug that caused the receiving list to display “0 item” for unfulfilled purchase orders (even if those orders had items).