Purchase order approvals  

PO Approvals.jpeg

This is not an April Fool’s joke—Approvals are here!

If your business needs a manager to sign off on large purchase orders, you can now require approval on POs. You’ll be able to specify Approvers and approval limits from the Company Settings page of the web app.

Approvals are available to inFlow Cloud users on a Plus plan starting today. If you activate approvals in the web app, make sure to update your mobile apps, too.

General improvements:

  •  You can now specify whether Showroom orders require confirmation. Unconfirmed orders will not reserve any stock until a team member manually confirms them within inFlow.
  •     Purchase quotes are now available to use across all plans.
  •     Sales quotes are now available to create and edit on mobile.
  •  We’ve combined the Payment Status, Order Status, and Active/Cancelled Statusinto a single Status filter to keep things more compact.
  •  Purchase quotes and Request for Quotes (RFQ) are also available as printed documents.

Stuff we’ve fixed:

  •  We’ve improved performance on the Showroom settings page for customers with hundreds of Showroom invitees.
  •  Low stock notification settings are now saved properly.
  •  We’ve increased the reliability of touch targets for Samsung devices.
  •  We’ve updated internal links to DYMO software within inFlow to make sure you get the very latest version.
  •  We’ve improved performance while scrolling through long lists of records (products, orders, vendors, customers).