inFlow now integrates with Zapier  

Zapier (it rhymes with Happier) is a great service for automating tasks and saving time. If you haven’t used Zapier before, it functions based on triggers and actions. For example, you could set up a Zap to send an email to a customer (action) each time you create a sales order for them in inFlow (trigger).

Our Zapier integration should be really handy for customers interested in automating more of their everyday work, but who don’t necessarily want to develop custom code through the inFlow API.

Lots of improvements to Showroom  

Normally we list all of our general improvements together, but we’ve come up with so many great features for Showroom that they deserve their own sub-sections.

More control over branding:

  • Specify colors for use in your Showroom (we even offer suggestions based on the colors in your logo).
  • Choose from five different fonts for use in your Showroom.
  • Add text and image banners to the top of your Showroom to highlight special deals.
  • Specify whether your customers see Showroom in a grid or list view.
  • Specify a customer name while you create their Showroom invite.

Improvements for your customers:

  • Your customers can now add products to their carts directly from the list and grid views.
  • Your customers can now see their name (instead of their email) while browsing your Showroom.

Browsing improvements:

  • Products now display a unit of measurement breakdown (e.g.,1 case = 10 pcs.).
  • Products can now be sorted by price or name, in ascending or descending order.

Stuff we’ve fixed:

  • We fixed an issue where profit was not being calculated properly for sales orders that involved currency conversion.  
  • We fixed an issue with Vendor PUT requests in the inFlow API.