General improvements:

  •  You can now search your private showroom customers to find exactly the customer you’re looking for.
  •  You can now see customers with a pending showroom invite in a separate tab.
  •  It’s now easier to resend invites to customers with pending showroom invites.

Stuff we’ve fixed:

  •  inFlow customers who pay manually will no longer see “No credit card on file” warnings.
  •  Credit card expiry warnings are now more accurate.
  •  Long product names will no longer block the Quantity field in the Make labels window.
  •    We fixed a subtotal rounding issue that could prevent orders from being saved while using the web or mobile apps.
  •  Toggling shipping on a purchase order will no longer hide the existing Ship-to address.
  •  Private showroom previews will now reflect whether or not you’re using “Match General Settings”.
  •  We fixed private showroom invites to display properly within Hotmail or Outlook.