General improvements:

  • If you sync inFlow with with QuickBooks Online, we now provide an option to turn payment sync off. This helps prevent duplicate payments if you manually record them in QuickBooks Online (or another app that syncs with QuickBooks Online). 

Issues we’ve fixed:

  • Inactive products were inadvertently appearing in the showroom; they are now properly hidden 
  • The header for the showroom now displays images without any extra white space 
  • We’ve fixed an issue where the inFlow Cloud web app would not load if the Cloud account was expired 
  • We’ve fixed showroom invitations to properly handle cases where an inFlow Cloud account is created without a company name 
  • A Special Showroom sent to existing customers will now properly display their customer-specific discounts 
  • We’ve fixed an issue where a Special Showroom that mirrored the Default Showroom would show all products instead