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Cassandra Greco is a “customer solutions expert” at inFlow Inventory. You may have even spoken to her in the chat or by phone! When she’s not helping the community find solutions, she runs the inFlow Academy: a training tool for getting started with inFlow!

A Green Oasis in the City: Volunteering at Evergreen

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group-shot 85% of Canadians live in cities and that’s true for all of us at Archon Systems. On Friday September 30th, our team met up at Evergreen Brickworks, a beautiful oasis of nature in Toronto. Continue reading

Get Control of your Inventory in the New Year!

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inFlow Academy It’s a new year and if your resolution is to get a handle on your inventory, we’ve got you covered! Not sure where to start? We’ve been putting together an online learning platform called inFlow Academy to help you get familiar with inFlow through videos, interactive questions, and printable summaries. Learn the best way to set up your business to take advantage of all that good stuff inFlow has to offer! Continue reading

Compost and Carrots: inFlow Volunteers at FoodShare

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foodshare-feature-image-inflow For many winter marks a time of celebrations and abundance, but some people do not have that luxury. Toronto’s FoodShare aims to make accessing healthy food possible and sustainable for everyone in our local community all year long through urban gardening projects, foodbox programs, school lunches, workshops, and more. Continue reading