You be the Designer – Microsoft Introduces the Windows 8 Logo

Posted by Matthew Kostanecki
windows 8 new logo

Design is near and dear to our hearts at inFlow Inventory.In fact, we can be obsessive about it; from gut-level beauty to the tiniest details of how the software should work.

Great design not only makes products more appealing but should also serve as a function to make users more effective and ultimately, happy!

So, when Microsoft announced a complete redesign of their Windows logo yesterday, it struck up a lively conversion in the office. Some people thought it was a step in the right direction while others thought it needed refinement.

If you haven’t seen the logo yet, here it is:

The New Windows 8 Logo

We weren’t alone in our opinions either. Judging by all the comments on the Microsoft blog, TechCrunch, and engadget , people were really passionate about how the way Windows 8 will look!

This made us think, why don’t we give people the chance to design their own Windows 8 logo, just for fun?

So we did, courtesy of You can check out the design contest here: Redesign the new Windows 8 Logo Just for fun.

It doesn’t cost anything to enter and the winner will receive about $295. Best of all, your design will be featured in an upcoming blog post.

Happy designing!

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