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Thomas is a 100% human being who splits his time between supporting inFlow's customers with his mind, writing medium-sized articles with his keyboard, and taking large photographs with his camera.

Introducing inFlow 3.5.1 with count sheets for everyone

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Introducing inFlow 3.5.1 Maybe it’s just us, but nothing says January like a fresh version of inFlow inventory. This version had us tightening the bolts to make inFlow a more reliable day-to-day tool, but we’ve also included a few great extras. Continue reading

A new design for inFlow Inventory

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Laptop screen showing new homepage in inFlow Inventory Most of inFlow’s updates center around enabling a new kind of workflow, but in version 3.5, we wanted to step back and look at how inFlow displays your data. So we’ve taken the time to ensure that inFlow fits in with modern operating systems like Windows 10. Continue reading

inFlow Holiday Gift Guide 2016

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inFlow-Holiday-Gift-Guide-2016 There are a lot of great small businesses that use and support inFlow, and with the Holiday season drawing closer, we thought it would be fun to share a few gift ideas made by our own users. The list is admittedly a little North American centric, but we do let you know if the shop provides international shipping! Without further ado, let’s talk about presents: Continue reading