inFlow makes
it easier to
make stuff.

Our bill of materials software simplifies assemblies with standardized component and cost tracking. Whether it’s stained glass, a hi-tech water monitoring solution, or intricate jewelry — inFlow has what it takes to streamline your manufacturing workflow.

Keep production going smoothly.

Too many manufacturing delays are caused by mismanaged inventory. Production teams find out too late that there aren’t enough raw materials for a new order, or sales teams might accidentally sell more than what’s in stock.

inFlow keeps production moving by letting anyone project how much you can make with current inventory. Reorder points help you keep ahead of demand so that you restock before you run out of stock.

Nested BOMs make short work of complex builds.

Does your business need to build Product A before you can even think about building Product B and C?

Not a problem! inFlow lets you nest sub-assemblies inside of one another, and also break them out into separate work orders if different teams need to work on them. Whatever you make, we can flow with your workflow.

Watch & Learn

How Eddy Home uses inFlow to streamline sales and production.

Make a profit
on what you make.

When production is in full swing, it’s tough to remember to keep track of the little details, like what went into a product or how many hours were spent making it.

Our bill of materials software helps you standardize your costs, and fixed markup options help you build labor and ancillary costs into your final selling price.

When everything is done and you have a moment to breathe, it’s easy to look back on all the components you’ve used up and the products you’ve made with specialized work order reports.

Loved and trusted by
large, medium and small
businesses worldwide.

It all starts
with the right plan!