Can inFlow copy information from my custom fields into a sales order?

Yes, provided it’s information that is captured in the Customer’s custom fields (of which there are 10). When you select that Customer in the sales order, if the field in the sales order matches the field in your customer’s record inFlow will copy the value from the customer record into the sales order.

For Example:

Serious Deals For You has a tax exempt # from the government which we keep in a custom field in their file. The government has decided that this number must be printed on all invoices going forward so we have to copy that number to the sales order. Since the custom fields can do this for us we’ve set up a matching custom field on the sales order.

To set up the custom fields:

1. Click the Add Custom Fields link in the custom record.

2. Make the necessary changes (in this case, be sure your field names match exactly)

3. Click Save & Close.

To use this function:

  1. Open a new sales order
  2. Select that customer

(We’ve demonstrated how that would look here:

Yun Ling
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March 6, 2012