How To Import Data into inFlow

Now that you have your import file you’re ready to go ahead with your import. But first, it’s important to backup your database. This is done so that you can restore to your backup after the import (thereby wiping the changes you made) if you need to.

To Backup:

  1. Click Main Menu then choose > General > Backup Data
  2. Select the location you’d like to save the backup.
  3. Click Next.

To import:

  1. Click Main Menu then choose > General > Import Data
  2. Select the Products data type at the top of the screen.
  3. Click the Browse button to select the file you’d like to import then click Next.
  4. In this screen match the inFlow field name to the right column in your file by selecting it from the drop down list.
  5. Once you’re satisfied with your matches, click Next.

inFlow will import your products and let you know what has been updated!
If your update didn’t go according to plan and you’d like to reverse it please use the backup you made before your import.

To Restore Data:

  1. Click the Main Menu button > General > Restore Data.
  2. Select your backup file.
  3. Click Next.

Now that you’ve restored your pre-import backup you can try the import again.

Still having trouble? Have a look at How to create your file for import (+ tips and tricks). Looking to import a different type of data? Simply choose the correct data type from the drop down in step 2 of the import process and then proceed as described!

Yun Ling
Archon Systems
260 Carlaw Ave #397
Toronto, ON, M4M 3L1
February 15, 2012