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In this section we’ll cover how to purchase more inventory from your vendors, and how inFlow can help you with your reordering. 


Purchasing more stock from your vendors

Now that you’ve made a few sales, it’s time to start reordering from your vendor (supplier) so you don’t run out of stock! On the Homepage for inFlow Cloud for Web, have your order taker click on New purchase order to the left of the screen. 

  1. Click on the Vendor field.
  2. Type in the vendor name, click on field below with the “+” symbol to add this vendor to inFlow Cloud and to this purchase order.
  3. In the main table click +Add product.
  4. You can now print or email this purchase order to your vendor from the menu bar at the top of the screen.
  5. When done click Save.

Mobile Receiving

Now that the purchase order is saved, it’s time for your receiving person to collect all the orders that have been shipped from your vendors. 

  1. Start by opening the inFlow Cloud app on your mobile phone. 
  2. Tap on the Main Menu button on the top left hand corner. 
  3. Under the Actions heading tap on Receive purchase order.
  4. Tap the purchase order you want to receive. 
  5. For easy receiving you can check off the items on this screen at one time. 
  6. When you’re done receiving, you can go ahead and tap the Continue & save button which will fulfill your purchase order. 

Automated reordering

Automated reordering

Now that you’ve been selling products in inFlow, you’ll want to make sure you don’t run out of stock. By default inFlow will email you a stock level email every week to update you. For that email to be the most effective you need to set up your reorder points, and reorder quantities for your products. 

What’s a reorder point?

The reorder point is the minimum level/point of your stock before you need to reorder more. So if you set a reorder point of 25, as soon as the stock level goes to 24 or lower, inFlow will suggest that you reorder it.

What’s the reorder quantity?

The reorder quantity field is how much stock you would like to reorder at a time. For example: if you always purchase the item in cases of 4 units, then you’ll want to put 4 in the Reorder quantity field. inFlow will multiply the reorder quantity in the purchase order as needed to get you back above your reorder point.

Setting up reorder points

Setting up reorder points

Once you’ve added more sales data into inFlow Cloud, you can use the Recommended Reorder Point report to guide you on what stock level you should set your reorder points to. To set this up, you’ll need to first set the lead time for your vendors. 

  1. From the Homepage screen click on New Vendor, or go to: Main Menu (3 lines in the top left corner) > New Vendor
  2. Enter the Vendor Name, and any other details that you want to fill out on this page. 
  3. Under the Preferences section, enter the Lead time in days for your vendor. 
  4. Click the Save button at the top left. 

Now it’s time to run the report. For this area we suggest using inFlow Cloud for Windows

  1. Go to Main Menu>Reports>All Reports.
  2. Click on the Inventory Reports section. 
  3. Click on Recommended Reorder Point
  4. You can change the average period in days, and the safety stock level that you’re looking to have for your inventory. 
  5. Click the Generate Report button. This report will provide suggested reorder points for your products based on past sales, and the vendor lead time. For more information on this report, take a look at this article
  6. Now that you have this list of recommended reorder points you can save a copy of this report by clicking the Save as button to save this as a PDF or CSV. You can also click Print, to print the whole report too. 
  7. Once you have your list from this report you can add this information to your products directly, or Click here for steps to update these fields with an import.

If the recommended reorder point report shows blanks or a low reorder point, is probably because there isn’t enough sales data in inFlow yet. Run this report again when more sales orders are completed to get a better estimate. 

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Thank you for your input, your feedback is important to us.