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How to create DYMO label templates

DYMO Label

In order to start printing labels in inFlow Cloud, you’ll need to start creating labels in your DYMO software. For a complete guide on making labels in DYMO’s software, take a look at this DYMO Label software user guide file.

inFlow’s Label printing

Did you know you can create and print labels with inFlow?  We’d encourage you to switch to the new label printing.

With the  DYMO label printing, you need to create the label templates outside of inFlow. Once done, you need to add them to inFlow to print labels. This can be tedious because it means getting to know another software (DYMO Label) to use a feature in inFlow. 

We’ve built a Label Designer to improve label printing. No more leaving inFlow to make label templates, and printing labels is just as easy as it was with DYMO. You can still use your DYMO printer, along with others. 

For complete steps, take a look at the inFlow Label printing article

Before you start

Please make sure you install the DYMO Label software, not DYMO Connect! At the moment, inFlow only works with files made from DYMO Label with the .label extension and not .dymo.

We also recommend using Code 128 for the Barcode type.

Creating labels in DYMO Label

Once you know how to make labels, you’ll need to add reference codes to them. These reference codes are placeholders for the information you have in inFlow.

For example, if you want the product name/code from inFlow to print on a label, you will need to create a label with the inFlow reference name, “Item Name.” 

Adding reference codes to your labels

  1. Open one of your labels in the DYMO label software.
  2. Right-click on the part of the label you want to add an inFlow reference to.
  3. Select Properties.
  4. Click the Advanced tab.
  5. In the Reference name field, type in the inFlow code you want on the label.
  6. Click OK when done.

We also recommend using Code 128 for the Barcode type.

Please see below for a complete list of inFlow codes you can add to your labels.

Reference codes from inFlow

Item Name
Serial Number
Standard UoM
Sales UoM
Purchasing UoM
Vendor Product Code
Last Vendor
Reorder Point
Reorder Quantity

To have your labels show a specific price, replace the PricingSchemeName with the exact name as it appears in inFlow. For example, “Normal Price.”

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