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How to create and complete purchase orders in inFlow Cloud for Mobile

If you’d like to create purchase orders on the go, you can use the inFlow Cloud mobile app! 

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How to create and complete a purchase order

The following are the basics – we’ve packed a lot functionality into mobile purchase orders so be sure to check out the other sections in this guide to learn more about specific actions and screens. 

  1. Open the inFlow Cloud app on your mobile phone and tap on the triple bar button in the top left to open the Main Menu and select Purchase Orders.
  2. In the purchase order list, click the + symbol in the top right of the screen to create a new purchase order.
  3. Select an existing vendor to add to your order.  
    • Currently, it isn’t possible to create new vendors from the purchase order screen, so head over to Vendors in the Main Menu to add a new vendor there first if you don’t already have vendors created.  
  4. Tap Add item to add products to your purchase order. 
    • You can search your item list, or scan your product barcode instead by tapping the barcode icon right of the search bar.
  5. Tap or swipe left to the Details tab to edit the vendor details, include shipping, edit inventory details (where inFlow should remove inventory from), add payment terms, remarks and other purchase order details. 
  6. When you’re ready to receive the order, tap the yellow Receive button. 
  7. Add any payments to the order by tapping or swiping to the Order tab and tapping into the Paid field. 
  8. Finally, tap Save in the top right to save your order.

Additional actions

Adding products by scanning their barcodes 

If your products have barcodes, you can quickly add them to your order using your phone’s camera!

  1. On the Order tab, tap on Add item.
  2. In the Add item screen, tap the barcode icon on the right of the search bar to open the barcoding scanning screen. 
  3. Position the barcode within the frame. When the camera detects a barcode, a Scan item button will appear.
  4. Tap the Scan item button or the camera view to scan the barcode:
    • Scanning the same barcode more than once will increase that product’s quantity by 1 for each additional scan. 
    • You can scan different items all at once from the barcode scanning screen!
  5. When you’re done scanning your items, tap Done to add these items to the order. 

Editing products

Tapping on an item on the purchase order will take you to the Item details screen where you’ll be able to edit the following:

To save your changes, make sure to tap the yellow Done button. Going back using the “<” button in the top left will close the window and discard your changes instead!

  • Quantity: you can tap into the field directly and type in a value, or use the + and – buttons instead.
  • Unit of measure
  • Unit price
  • Item discount
  • Taxing scheme 
  • Vendor product code

Removing products

Did you add a product to an order that you’d like to remove? Here’s how to do it:

  1. Tap on the Edit button above the item list in the Order tab. 
  2. Tap the x symbol in the top left corner of the product/s you’d like to remove.
  3. Tap the Done button above the item list when you’re finished removing products. 

Fulfilling/Receiving products

Once you’ve added your products to the order, you can receive it when the products come in!

There are several ways to fulfill/receive items on your order:

  • To auto fulfill/receive all items on the main purchase order screen, tap on the Actions button in the bottom left and select Fulfill
  • You can also tap the Receive button at the bottom right, and that will bring you to the Receiving screen. To mark entire item line as received, tap on the empty checkbox on the left side.
  • To partially pick an item line, tap on the ellipsis (three dots) on the right side to open the actions menu and select Partial receive
  • You can also receive your items by scanning them! Tap on the barcode icon in the top right to open the camera barcode scanner.

To unfulfill/unreceive:

  • In the main purchase order screen, tap the Unfulfill button at the bottom right to unfulfill all items on the order.
  • For specific items, you’ll need to go to the Receiving screen for that. Tap on the Actions button at the bottom right, and then tap Receive to get to this screen. From there you can tap any checkmarked line item and then tap Unreceive or Partial receive.
  1. Tap on the + Actions button in the bottom right corner and select Ship
  2. In the Shipments screen, tap on the shipment you’d like to edit to open the Shipping details screen.
  3. Here, you can edit the shipped date, add shipping remarks, carrier and a reference number or delete the shipment.

Returning products

Similar to the desktop app, a returned item in the mobile app will appear as a separate line item.

There are a couple of ways to return items in the mobile app:

Returning an existing item on an order: 

  1. Tap on the item on the order you’d like to return, and tap the Return item button at the bottom of the Item details screen. 
  2. In the Return item screen, enter the quantity you’d like to return and tap Return in the top right to complete the transaction. 

Returning an item that is not on an order:

Sometimes, you may need to return an item from a vendor that wasn’t on the order to begin with. You can do this in the mobile by adding the item as a returned item:

  1. On the Order tab, tap Add item and select it from your product list (or scan it’s barcode by hitting the barcode icon in the top right).
  2. In the Add item screen, use the Returned item slider at the bottom to mark that this item will be a return. 
  3. Adjust the quantity you’d like to return and tap Return in the top right to complete the transaction. 

Payments and invoicing an order

At the bottom of the Order tab, you’ll find the subtotal, tax amounts, freight, the order total, the paid amount and the order balance. 

  • If you’d like to mark the entire order as paid, you can use the + Actions menu in the bottom left and select Mark paid.  
  • To record a partial payment, tap into the Paid field and enter the amount paid. 
  • You can also add a payment via the Payment History screen (see below). 

Payment history

You can tap on History next to the Paid text to access the payment history for the order. 

  • Tapping on an existing payment will open the Payment details screen.
  • Tapping Add payment will open a Payment details screen where you can enter a new payment. 

Payment details

The Payment details screen allows you to edit the details of a specific payment such as:

  • Amount applied (this will be negative when making a refund)
  • The refund toggle – this will mark the amount applied as a refund. 
  • Payment method
  • Date
  • Reference number
  • Remarks (per payment) 

Pricing, currency, taxing scheme and non-vendor costs

You can edit which pricing scheme, currency and tax to apply to the order, as well as add non-vendor costs from the Pricing screen. Scroll to the very bottom of the Order tab and tap on Edit pricing

It is not possible to create a new pricing scheme or taxing scheme from the mobile app.


In the mobile app, all your purchase order remarks can be added from the Details tab. You’ll be able to edit:

  • Purchase remarks
  • Receive remarks
  • Return remarks
  • Restock remarks

To add a remark:

  1. Swipe left or tap on the Details tab from the Purchase Order details screen. 
  2. Scroll to the Remarks section at the bottom and tap into the remark field you’d like to edit. 
  3. Tap Save in the top right to save your changes.
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December 31, 2019

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