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How do I create a work order directly from the sales order screen?

Please note, work orders are only available on select plans or add-ons.

It’s possible to create a work order directly from the sales order screen, only if you don’t have enough stock for that item. If you make your products to order, you should ensure that you have stock of your component items. There are two ways to do this, depending on what you want.

Create one work order for one specific sales order

If you want to keep track of work orders corresponding to specific sales orders, click the Copy button at the top of the sales order and click Create Work Order. This creates a single work order containing the items for that sales order only, even if you have to create more of the same item for other sales orders.

Tip: It’s also a good idea to keep the work order number the same as the sales order number (e.g SO-000111 and WO-000111) for easier lookup.

Using the example above, you would end up with a work order for exactly 1 Bicycle and 1 Finished Computer.

Using the copy and Create Work Order button, it will automatically create a new Work Order with all the items that need to be built for all items that have a Bill of Materials set for the item record.

Create work orders for all sales orders

If the items you’re assembling are also listed in other open sales orders, this method allows you to build them all at once. To do this, right-click the red exclamation mark on your sales order, and then click Reorder Products. This will open up the reorder window and the items needed to be built in work orders can be created by hitting Reorder. It will create a work order for each item that contains the items you need to build, but the quantities would be higher to account for the other open orders and the reorder point.

Any other finished goods that isn’t in the original sales order are not included.

Using the method above, you would end up with two work orders in which one will contain the Bicycle item and the other will have the Finished Computer, with a quantity of at least 1. If you’ve got other sales orders and reorder points for the two item, it’ll be added to the work order so you can make them all in one go.

In the example it would create 4 Bicycle and 3 Finished Computer, as it uses the current anticipated qty and the reorder point to determine the amount needed to be reordered.

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Thank you for your input, your feedback is important to us.