How do I control what inFlow saves back to my records during an order?

When you’re entering information in a sales/purchase order, inFlow Cloud compares this information with what’s already been saved in the original product/customer/vendor record. If it detects that the information is different, an icon will appear beside the information. This icon lets you save the new information as the default going forward. If you’re creating a new item/customer/vendor on the spot, you will always see this save icon.

For example, let’s say your sales price for ‘Test Product’ was created at $15, and on a new order you’ve entered the price manually as something else ($20), it will show you a save icon directly beside the new information. If you click this save icon, inFlow will update the product record’s sales price as $20. In the future whenever you select or scan this product the $20 will automatically populate the price field. This helps you enter orders more quickly by letting you create or update new customers/vendors right from the order.




You can also choose not to click the save icon so that this change is applied to the order only. For example, if you’re having a temporary sale, you can change the unit prices on the order. Ignore the save icon and it will not override your default, so when the sale is over it goes back to normal and you don’t have to worry about changing it back later!


See this feature in action in our short QuickTip video below:


Quick Tips: how to quickly save new info back to your records

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