Set up products 

Congratulations! You’ve just taken the first step to organizing your inventory with inFlow Cloud. Now that you’ve started your trial, you can follow this guide. It will help you get the most value out of inFlow in the shortest amount of time. 

Importing your products to inFlow

To start managing your inventory, let’s start by adding a product list to inFlow Cloud. This can be done by importing a csv file to inFlow. 

If you don’t have a spreadsheet with all your products, you can get in touch with your vendors/suppliers to see if they can send one to you. From there you can make a few changes to match the import template we have below. 

  1. If you haven’t downloaded the template from inFlow directly, then download this csv template to quickly import products to inFlow. If you already have a csv file with your products, you can format that file to look like this template for easy importing. 
  2. Go to Main Menu (the 3 lines in the top left corner) > Import.
  3. Click Select File to find the csv file from your computer. Then click Next.
  4. Match the fields listed to the left (fields that you’ll see in inFlow), to the fields in the drop down menus (which are the column headings of your csv file).
  5. Once all 9 csv fields are matched, click Next. 

Now your import will be in progress. You’ll be sent an email when it’s done, so feel free to navigate away from this page. 

Take a look around

Now that inFlow has some products, it’s time to get familiar with viewing your products in inFlow.

  1. On the Homepage, click on Product list
  2. Click on any of your items in this list to see more details.
  3. Here you’ll notice all the information from your csv is populated onto the product record. If you think you’ll be interested in being alerted when you’re low in stock, you can add that information to the Reorder point and Reorder Quantity fields. This will be explained later in this guide. 
  4. To view the product list in full screen again, click the white circular symbol next to Item and description.

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