Do Shopify orders get updated after syncing the first time?/How do I sync my existing Shopify orders?

This integration will sync any Shopify orders that are placed after the integration is set up.

After a Shopify order is synced for the first time with inFlow, only some information can be updated on the order from Shopify.

Changes to the following fields on an order in Shopify will trigger a sync to inFlow:

  • Notes (these show up as Remarks in inFlow)
  • Shipping address
  • Refunds
  • Payment (if the order is unpaid, paying it in Shopify will update the order in inFlow)

When a sync is triggered:

  • If there is already a matching order in inFlow it will be updated.
  • If the order has not yet been created in inFlow the system will do so.

To see (or revert) changes made to the inFlow order, you can check the order’s version in inFlow.

NOTE: Reverting changes to an order in inFlow does not update the order in Shopify.

How do I sync my existing Shopify orders?

If you have existing Shopify orders that were made before the Shopify integration was set up, you can force a sync by making a change to any of the above mentioned fields on the order in Shopify.

We recommend making a small change to the order’s Note field in Shopify (e.g., adding an additional “space” which will trigger the sync without changing your order).

If you want to import historical orders in addition to new orders, there are two things to watch out for:

First, make sure that your historical orders are not archived in Shopify because inFlow cannot sync archived orders. If you’re not sure how to unarchive your orders then please review Shopify’s instructions for archiving orders, and repeat those steps for any archived orders you have.

Second, within inFlow’s Shopify settings, you can set a specific date (Orders Entered Since) to import all orders since that date.

Please note: this is not advisable unless you have historical inventory levels — importing historical orders while using current stock levels would result in your inventory counts being wrong.

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