How can I create / modify products on the inFlow Cloud web app?

inFlow Cloud for web allows you to create and edit your products from most Windows based browsers, giving you the freedom to create new products on the go!

For full steps on how to create a product, please see below:

Creating new products

  1. Log in to with your inFlow email address and password.
  2. If your database doesn’t have any products yet, click on the new product link. Otherwise, click on the New button on any existing product record.
  3. Fill out the Item Name/Code, and the Item type fields. If you’re unsure of what to pick, please take a look at our item type article.

    Fields with exclamation marks mean they are required and must be filled out before you can save the item.

  4. Once you’ve added that information, the Save button will be available at the top-right hand corner of the screen. Click Save to add that item to your inventory. If you click on another item/tab before clicking the Save button, inFlow will ask you if you’d like to save your changes.

Once saved, you can view your new product on the desktop and the inFlow Cloud mobile app.

What else can I fill out on this page?

If you’re familiar with the product record from the desktop app, then you might’ve noticed that there aren’t any tabs to switch between on the web app. To make things easier, the layout of the web app is similar to the layout of the product record from the desktop app, but listed all on one screen for easy access. See below for details.

Basic info

The item name/code, item type, category, description (if the description setting is turned on for the desktop app) and image are at the top of the product screen.

Item Type

Once an item type is saved, it can’t be changed on the web app. If the item type needs to be changed, please open inFlow Cloud for Windows to modify it there.


The category drop-down field will load with all the categories that your inFlow desktop has.To add more categories, open the inFlow desktop app and go to Main Menu > Inventory > Product Categories. Refresh inFlow Cloud for web once new categories have been added. For more information on categories take a look at our article.


The description box is available when this setting is turned on in the inFlow settings. To turn it on, open inFlow Cloud for Windows and go to Main Menu > Options > Settings. Under the Describe products by section, click the item name/code and description option. Click Save & Close when done.

Product Image

Click on the +add image link to add a picture to your product from your PC. Multiple images can be added to any product, just hover your cursor on the image and click +add image again. You can toggle between the photos by clicking on the orange arrow at the side of the image.

The first image added is made into the default image. To change that, click the arrow until you find the image that you want to be the default. Click on image and click make default.
If there are any images you want to remove from a product click on the centre of that image and click the remove image button.

Pricing and Cost

The normal price and the cost of the product are listed at the top of pricing section. Any pricing schemes that you have will be listed below. Click on any of the pricing fields to add pricing information.

Quantity on hand

The Quantity on hand table shows all the quantity that you have across all locations in inFlow. Click on the arrow to add sublocations (if you have this feature turned on the desktop app).

To add new sublocations, click on the field under the main location and type in the name of your sublocation, press Enter when done.

Storage info

This area is where you can enter product barcodes, reorder points and reorder quantities. You can also set the default location and default sublocations by clicking the drop-down field.


This section is where you can set your product’s standard, sales and purchasing unit of measure. You can also add physical dimensions to your product by clicking the show button to reveal the length, width, height & weight fields.

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August 22, 2018

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