Do you have example/sample data I can try?

inFlow On-Premise is free to download and install, but what if you don’t know where to start? We recommend loading a sample company with some products, customers and vendors in it, so you can see where your information would be on each screen (and how you can put that in yourself). When you’re done playing around with it, you can reset the data to start your own!

To use the sample database in your own copy of inFlow:

1. Download the sample database here.

2. Open inFlow and go to the Main Menu > General > Restore Data.

3. Click “Proceed”.

4. Select the downloaded file from step 1.

Now you can play around without worrying about mistakes!

To reset the database (i.e. start over with no data):

1. Go to the Main Menu > General > Reset all Data.

2. Click “Proceed”. It’ll make a backup for you just in case.

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