How do I set up included sales tax (pre-tax price in body of receipt)?

Not using inFlow On-Premise?

If you need to show your price before tax in the body of the receipt (as in the UK) but don’t want to have to calculate all your pre-tax prices by hand, inFlow On-Premise can do that for you.

First, set up a pricing scheme for the pre-tax price:

  1. Add your prices as posted to the program under a Taxes Included scheme, let’s call this scheme Normal Price.
  2. Go to the Main Menu > Inventory > Product Pricing.
  3. Click Add Products and select everything.
  4. From the Pricing/Currency dropdown choose <Add New..> and create a new pricing scheme; called “Sales Excl”.  Click Save & Close.
  5. Next we have to calculate the percentage by which your prices should be reduced (since it’s not the same as your tax percentage).  This is done using the following formula: OriginalPrice = PostedPrice * [1 / 1+SalesTax] For 17.5% sales tax the calculation (for example) would be as follows: £8.99 * [1 / 1 + 17.5%].  This would work out to the original price being £7.65.  This also tells us that the original price (pre-tax) was 85.1% of the posted price, meaning that we will need to reduce our prices by 14.9% in order to get the correct pre-tax prices.
  6. To set your PreTax Price scheme correctly, tell inFlow at the bottom of the window to: SET “SALES EXCL” TO “NORMAL PRICE” “MINUS” “14.5%”.
  7. Click Adjust to apply the changes.

When you’re done, set up taxes to calculate:

  1. Go to Main Menu > Options > Settings.
  2. Scroll down to the Taxes section and click Manage Taxing Schemes.
  3. Set up a 17.5% sales tax in this window and give it a name.
  4. Click “Save & Close“.

Your sales order would finally look like this:



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