How do I partially ship an order in inFlow On-Premise?

So you need to make a partial shipment to your customer (as you’re still waiting for stock to arrive) and you’d like to ship them as they come in. Not a problem! If you want to invoice as you ship then you will want to take a look here. But if you plan to invoice once all items have been shipped, you’ll want to follow the steps below:

  1. Create your sales order and select the items your customer has ordered.
  2. Click the Pick tab and select the items that are to be shipped out.
  3. Move on to the Ship tab and click Auto Fill. Only items which have been picked will appear and you can record which box each item has been packed into.
  4. Add any details such as tracking number/ carrier in the Shipping Details link at the bottom of the tab.

This order status will now appear as Started (at the top right) and when you’re ready to ship out another batch of items, simply go back to the pick tab and repeat steps 3-4 as many times as necessary to ship all items out. When all the items have been shipped the status of the order will change to Fulfilled.

Another way to quickly choose which items have been shipped is to click the green circle beside the item and select Shipped. You can see this shortcut in action in our QuickTips video here.


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