How do I print a document in inFlow On-Premise?

You can choose to print your documents in inFlow On-Premise, or export them to a PDF file. The option to print or export is in the same window, so please see below:

For order documents

Open the order you’d like to send. Click the Print button and choose the document you would like to use.

To print:

  1. Select your printer at the bottom of the window and make any changes you want (copies, properties, etc).
  2. Click the Print button.

NOTE: For custom documents, it is not possible to select the printer as it has to open in Microsoft Word first.

To export/save as:

  1. Click the Save As button at the bottom of the window.
  2. Choose where you’d like to save the PDF file and click Save.

For reports

  1. Generate the report you’d like to send.
  2. Click the Export button and choose what type of file you’d like to save (we recommend PDF, but you can also save as Excel file).
  3. Choose where you’d like to save the file and click Save.
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