Can inFlow On-Premise handle services?

Not using inFlow On-Premise?

Absolutely. While inFlow On-Premise does focus on stocked inventory, you can also add items to your product list which you identify as services (so that inFlow will not track inventory for those items). What this means is that you can set up products for service fees or labour charges and add them to your sales. You can even track the profit on those by entering the cost of that service or labour into the product record.

Item types - Service

To add an item as a service:

  1. Create a New Product by going to Main Menu > Inventory > New Product.
  2. Enter the name of the service or labour charge in the Item Name/Code field.
  3. Choose Service as your type from the dropdown and add any other details to the record you wish to include (such as the wage of the employee performing the labour).
  4. Click Save.

Product Types are permanent and cannot be changed once saved.

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