What’s the support plan for? Is it optional?

Your initial inFlow On-Premise license purchase provides you with a one-year support plan. For as long as your plan is valid, you get access to our in-depth support (Mon-Fri 10am to 6pm eastern).

Once your support plan expires, you can choose to renew it for another year. This is priced at $99 per Regular license, $199 per Premium license on your account. If you choose to renew, the payment will renew your plan for 1 year (from the date of your payment).

I don’t want to renew. Can I still use inFlow?

If you choose not to renew, that’s fine! You can continue using inFlow on the last software version released before your support plan’s expiry date. Support will be limited to our knowledge base articles only.

Each time you need to reinstall inFlow (or add another computer), you’ll need to log in to your account to download the version you’re eligible for.

Do not use the free download on our main page as that is always the latest version which you may not be eligible for!

How do I renew my support plan?

You can renew your support plan by logging into your account and click Extend my plan. If you turn on Automatic renewal, you get a 10% discount applied automatically (so $89 per Regular license, $179 per Premium license)!

Do I get support if I buy new licenses?

If you buy new licenses, yes, you do! It won’t be a full year (that’s only done by renewing your plan as above), but your support plan expiry date would be extended based on the total number of licenses you have after purchase.

NOTE: Upgrading an existing license from Regular to Premium does not extend your plan, as there is no change in the total number of licenses you have.

If you’d like to check the new expiry date before purchasing, simply use the following formula:

[ 365 days ÷ total number of licenses after purchase ] days + Payment Date = New Expiry Date

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