Files and downloads: installers, custom documents, barcode scanners, and more!

Installers and Applications

Looking to download inFlow? Great! You can find links below to download and install inFlow On-Premise, and inFlow Cloud on the device of your choice.

inFlow On-Premise:

inFlow Cloud for Windows:
inFlow Cloud for Android:

Custom documents

Here are some of the documents that we have created. You can modify them if you wish, please have a look here for how to edit a document or add a column.

Language files

These languages are not included in inFlow, but some users have generously contributed them. Email us your customized languages too! See instruction on how to import other languages.

inFlow brand

You can use the inFlow logo and icons anywhere you see fit, as long as you are not doing something bad!

Barcode scanners

We’ve also developed our own line of barcode scanners. Our inFlow barcode scanners come in a range of seven different colors including:

Barcode printing software

inFlow doesn’t generate barcodes. However, you can use these software to generate them.

Barcode printers

You can use your own printers to print barcode on sticker label. If you need something more sophisticated, it’ll be the thermal printers.

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