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UoM Pricing for Purchase Orders


      When adding new products or changing product prices, it should derive the UoM cost of each based on the purchasing UoM cost.

      I.E. I purchase a box (UoM Cases) of Snickers Candy bars and resell them in singles (UoM ea) The inventory price for each should be divided based on purchase UoM. if UoM for purchases is Ea than enter price as is, if UoM is cases than divide UoM cases count and make the price of of the item as that.

      1 Cases of Snickers 22.99, Sold as UoM Ea (40 in a case), so 22.99 / 40 = Item Cost.

      When entering it manually for the cost of them product, the Purchase Order doesn’t give the correct amount due, in turn throwing the whole Purchase Order off completely by hundreds or thousands of dollars.

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