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Purchase Order Completion Dates

    • Jack

      When we order some of our products in large volumes (e.g. 500, 100, 1500), our suppliers will often split the production quantities out into groups of 250 or 500, with each group having a different completion date. I think it would be great if there were a ‘Completion Date’ column on the ‘PURCHASE’ tab on purchase orders where we could keep track of when our items are due. This data could then filter out to the product page, where it would list when the next lots of said product are due to be completed, along with the quantities. This is extremely useful information for our sales people, especially when a product is back-ordered. We currently do this manually by typing the completion dates into a custom field, but it would be great if this could be automated.

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    • Peter

      Hi Jack,

      Thanks for posting! I appreciate the feedback into what would make inFlow better. Right now adding columns to the tables on Purchase/Sales Orders isn’t possible as those tables are tied to many different areas of inFlow and it’s really tough to make structural changes to them.

      We currently have the Requested Ship Date both types of Orders that are designed to this at an Order wide level but not by product. I’ve put in a Request with our team to add the ability to add a Requested Ship date for each separate product on an order. That way you could separate your products by batch and sort them that way.

      I can’t make any promises on this feature being added but I really appreciate you letting us know about it and I will keep you updated as we go forward.

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