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Mass fulfill / pay purchase orders


      We began using inflow without using all of it’s capabilities. Now we are switching our inventory and PO’s to flow only through inflow. Is there a way to mass fulfill / pay outstanding PO’s rather than clicking through them individually? Might take me days! Thank you

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      Hi there,

      Thanks for posting and great to hear that you’re looking to expand on the usage of inFlow! Sadly there isn’t a way to mass fulfill orders all at once. I have brought this up with my development team and we considering a fix for this in the future and I will keep you updated.

      As it stands now we could potentially archive your database and bring in the orders as fulfilled after. The steps on archiving are outlined here and once we export all the information we could reimport the order as Fulfilled to get around this manual work.

      I would highly recommend to both make a backup of the database and to keep a CSV file of your accurate stock levels to be sure we set the stock levels to the correct amount afterwards. By changing the status of PO’s it could throw it off.

      I’d be happy to talk further about our options going forward and if you need any assistance at all please let me know either by posting here or reaching out to us at


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